Essential Energetic Sessions

Allowing yourself to relax and release, floating in a safe container of love and healing energy, come back to your Essential Self.  A time of wordless allowing and flow. An opportunity to surrender the stress, worry and tension that seems to follow us everywhere in our lives. My gentle touch increasing the space within, enticing breath to deepen, inviting muscles to soften, spreading yourself out, taking up the space that is yours. In the quiet stillness of presence I encourage your body, mind and being to drop into a spacious and accepting place of ease and well being.

“KimJoy is an artist.  She is an outstanding navigator of the human energy map.  Her knowledge of the subtle energy body goes hand in hand with her knowledge of the muscular body.  My sessions are part of my personal health maintenance program.  I feel more even keel and well balanced and I have gained a better understanding of my own energy map.”

—Bieka Burwell, Mother & Household Manager