Focused Bodywork Sessions

I offer an opportunity to have some focused attention on a particular body issue.  Bring your chronically complaining, overstressed or injured body part to me and we will explore the dynamics at play within the musculoskeletal issue at hand.  Utilizing my knowledge base, my deep kinesthetic knowing and uncovering any underlying energetic or belief patterns that are impacting the situation, we will assess what you can do to assist the healing process and if needed, self-massage techniques will be demonstrated. I will offer specific bodywork, active release & energetic techniques, training in self-massage and a holistic perspective.

Although a massage can be wonderful, I no longer offer full body sessions and instead I am offering these more focused sessions.

“KimJoy's talent and professionalism, her strong hands and in-depth knowledge of the body’s systems are not what impress me most about her work.  What impresses me is the energy she brings to her work and shifts in my well-being that occur as a result of a session with her.”

— Joshua Lucas Fox, Shiatsu Teacher and Practitioner

“I first went to see KimJoy with desperate back pain.  I left her office pain free and felt as if I had never suffered any injury.  As a triathlete I'm hard on my body.  Visiting KimJoy regularly keeps me feeling healthy and revitalized.”

— Robin Stephani, Architectural Designer