What To Expect

This work is ideal for individuals firmly on their spiritual or healing journey. If you are seeking clarity and/or deeper engagement with your body’s wisdom this is an excellent avenue for such exploration. Relax into what is already here, waiting to be accessed and revealed. For when clarity arrives it is natural to Claim Your Joy!

After 20 years of doing Therapeutic massage and a variety of adjunct modalities I am ready to set aside doing so much and instead I am allowing myself to be led and inspired during sessions of what I am calling Inspired Integrative Therapy.

With all of my healing tools, psychic gifts, spiritual & embodiment practices as well as heart centered coaching available to me, we allow your intention to guide us toward what is needed in the moment as you lean into whatever edge you are currently working with.

Once your intention is offered, I step aside and I am guided through the remainder of our session together. Deep relaxation ensues as our active minds recede and your body guides my hands, the energy guides my words. Calling on all my expertise and allowing myself to be led, my hands move over your body. Resting here, stretching there. Allowing my inner sight and the subtle voice of guidance to show me the way. Sometimes there are tones, vibrations of healing, while at other times words are offered. Often there is simply silence and breath as we accept whatever arises, allowing muscles, joints and structures to unwind and reveal their story. We bear witness and allow.

Every session is different as we progress deeper, through the layers of your body’s stories, tension, defenses and emotional holding. Even when there seems to be nothing happening, holding patterns within are opening and relaxing.

Please wear loose comfortable clothing for your session!