Presence Sessions

Do you long to be more present, passionate, and purposeful in your life? Do you find yourself engaging in the same habitual patterns, feeling disconnected from your dreams, and/or repeating the same patterns in your relationships?

Do you feel frustrated with yourself as you know that there is more available then just this?

Are you stopped by anxiety, lack of clarity or outdated habits or perspectives?

Are you your own harshest critic?

Or do you struggle with knowing which choices are right for you?

What if I told you that I spent years feeling this same way, feeling like there was more, yet it seemed just out of reach, just around the corner – for years! Perpetually looking outside myself for the answers. Maybe this class, this book, this practice will change things and help me to be what I know in my heart I am meant to be.  I, too, longed for deeper connections in my relationships and consistent access to the wisdom that I knew was inside me!

The path was not easy as I was walking it alone for decades. Then I found others who were walking the same path and we began to journey together, and it changed everything!

You do not have to walk alone on this journey of self-discovery and healing. Find your way to thriving as never before! Not with some quick fix or magic bullet. Find your way through coming to recognize what you are currently doing that is impeding your progress. Then finding your way by consistently engaging with tools, perspective, and practices that move you in the direction of the life you’ve always hoped was possible for you.

Experience greater freedom to be who you are!

Embody your authentic presence!

Thrive in your relationships!

Claim your Joy!

What is a Presence Session?

Presence Sessions are ideal for individuals who know there is a more authentic life available.  If you are seeking clarity and/or deeper engagement with your body’s wisdom this is an excellent avenue for such exploration.  For when clarity is present, next steps and new awareness & understanding become available.

We are all works in progress and how glorious when our progress is leading to greater self-expression, more authentic relating and resourced choices!

These sessions may utilize hands-on work, present moment coaching, embodiment practices (toning, movement, expression), energy medicine, parts work – whatever the moment calls for.  Explore and unravel what is constraining you, holding you back or simply perplexing your progress in your life.

Every session we progress deeper, exploring, witnessing, and allowing as we journey closer and closer to what is essential, unique, and precious. Mining for your most authentic and free Self. Inviting and making space for who and what you are when all that is here is recognized and allowed.

What can happen when you are able to accept all the parts of yourself?

What becomes available when your nervous system relaxes?

How do you move in the world when you are in touch with your most resourced and sovereign self?

What choices do you make when your heart is open wide?

These sessions can be done in person or over Zoom.

Let’s connect and see if we are a fit!
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