Therapeutic Bodywork

I combine therapeutic bodywork with active release techniques and deeply relaxing massage. I have technical expertise and acutely sensitive awareness for navigating complex dynamics that your body may be experiencing.

Utilizing my 25 years of experience and highly attuned intuition, I follow your body’s signals and signs to discover underlying tensions patterns which may be affecting and impeding your body’s ability to move freely. Through collaborative teamwork your brain-body connection is enhanced. This process quickly and easily reestablishes communication pathways between your brain and nervous system and your muscles, which may allow you to experience greater ranges of motion, fluidity and strength and less discomfort and tension.

These techniques are highly effective for muscular tension patterns which are so common for active humans! Releasing tension and allowing full ranges of motion for joints helps keep them stay lubricated and healthy. Especially when clients incorporate the Self-Massage homework I often send them home with!
I work out of my home in South Sebastopol and am available Tuesday, Friday & Sunday Afternoons, and Wednesday & Saturday mornings.

Let’s connect and see if we are a fit!
Call me at 707-696-9268