I invite you to join me in the realm of Energy, Connection & Bliss.

Together we explore and practice the recognition, navigation and activation of your energetic systems. This includes visualization and activation practices, breathing and embodiment practices as well as actively running energy through these systems together. These all lead to the possibility of having access to your energetic body and it's subtle and dynamic sensations and heightened awarenesses.

These are the basics of opening your awareness and body to greater possibilities of insight, clarity and pleasure. A great foundation for the further exploration in Systems such as the Yogic practices of Tantra, Pranayama, Mudras, Chanting, Meditation and Asanas, as well as QiGong, Tai Ch, Aikido, Authentic Movement and Continuum Practices.

Bring greater awareness and mastery to your life though expanding your capacities to feel, experience, meet, move and hold energy in your body and your evolving systems.

These sessions are non-sexual in intent and are done fully clothed.