Embodiment Coaching

You’re tired of trying to find your way on your own. It is so hard and you yearn to have a map or guide to help you on your journey. Your brilliant mind can only take you so far and you recognize its limitations in getting you where you want to be, which is more embodied, present and purposeful in your life!


Embodiment Coaching helps you discover and readily access your body’s wisdom as a resource for you in your life.  You can rely on this wisdom and know your Truth!  Your powerful inner guidance can be counted on when faced with decisions and life choices in your relationships, work and all areas of your life. You will increase your capacity for authentic relatedness and intimacy with yourself and others as well as increasing access to your own True North. Cultivate this capacity and move toward your future with confidence and excitement!


Together we can partner on this incredible journey of discovery and embodiment. Let’s explore your connection with yourself and your body, from the inside out, in a safe, confidential and loving container. A space where you can learn to listen and discern your own bodies messages and cues. Learning to trust yourself, trust your body and move toward the aligned and thriving future you imagine for yourself.


Are you ready?