Energy Tune-Up Workshop


* Do you consider yourself sensitive? *

* Does your brain short-circuit under stress? *

* Are you stuck in overwhelm or anxiety at times? *

* Do you feel at the effect of your surroundings? *


Come join us for an

Energy Tune-Up Workshop


July 8th, 2023


September 30th

10:00am-12:30 pm

in Sebastopol

$25-$45 sliding scale


These fun, hands on workshops offer

Practical Tools that are

simple and effective 

to keep your

Energies Balanced and Flowing!


Did you know that you can easily:

Calm Your Nervous System

Think More Clearly

Lift Your Energy Levels

Feel More Balanced and Sovereign

Boost your Immune System


I draw upon my in-depth studies of Energy Medicine, the Chinese Meridian System, the Chakra System, as well as the BodyTalk System.

The simple and powerful tools I will be sharing only take moments to do and can immediately shift your wellbeing to help you feel more present, resourced, and clear!

I have been using these tools and techniques for over 20 years to help me navigate anxiety, overwhelm and living as a highly sensitive person.

Join us and spend a couple hours for a fun hands-on experience!

Learn easy and essential tools to help you thrive in your life!


For more information and to register

send an email to