About KimJoy

At the beginning of my journey I was lost, alone and overwhelmed by life. I could tell there was more to life than what I had access to, but I was not sure how to find it. So, I took the leap and left the life I had been living, determined to find the life I wanted!

I sought relief from anxiety, self-doubt and the profound sense of not belonging. At the time I wasn't even aware how disconnected I was from my body and it's inherent wisdom. I was suffering and was seeking relief. I was not sure how to proceed so I followed my heart. At first, I was completely alone on my journey and didn’t know what I was looking for beyond knowing that something had to change.

This notion, this longing in me, kept me moving forward. Learning and growing were the focus of my life. Having lived on the outside for so long, I desperately wanted to belong, to be invited and included, and be part of something that mattered. I eventually found others who were following their own inner call. As my awareness and skill in being a more conscious human increased, so did my community and friends. I found that I inherently belonged and mattered. I always had, I simply was unaware that I did.

As I moved through my continued learning, it took on a new focus and intensity. I was no longer doing my studies and practices just for myself. I was now holding the intention that I was learning and growing so I could assist others to meet life’s challenges and not have to do it on their own, as I did. I was in a position to be a resource for others who found themselves anxious and overwhelmed by life.

I practiced and learned and grew and became ever more my authentic and embodied Self. Life was good! Then life does what it does and changed.

My father died and my Mama, who had dementia, came to live with me. I loved my Mama and it was a  struggle for me. I struggled for 4 years. I did my best and too often came up lacking in my own estimation.

KimJoy and Sara

Then while working with my Coach, they helped me recognize the web of decisions, dynamics, and choices I was living within, most of which were decades old. Seeing this, I realized that I could make new decisions, create new dynamics. I could choose what was real and true for me. So, I chose what I was doing. I said yes to what was. I stopped fighting and blaming and feeling the victim of my reality. Everything changed with that shift! The last months with Mama were a blessing.

The blessings continue even today! As I work with others in finding their way, on their life path, I am struck by the simplicity and profundity of what I do. I love being in conversation in a way that opens, reveals, and invites new perspective and choices. Choices that change everything, that allow you to be more resourced, real and true. That allow you to thrive and to claim your joy!


Some the things I did on my journey to here


  • C.M.T. - National Holistic Institute for Massage & Bodywork 700 hour program (NHI.com) - 1996
  • C.S.T. - CranioSacral Therapy (Upledger.com) - 1998-1999
  • Adv.C.B.P. - BodyTalk System (BodyTalkSystem.com) - 2005-2011
  • Certified in Individual & Group Facilitation – Heart Intelligent Coaching  (HeartIQ.org) – 2011-2015

Courses of Study

  • Berkeley Psychic Institute – 1990-1993
  • Reiki - 1996
  • Science of Mind - 1999-2004
  • Energy Medicine with Donna Eden - 2000-2001  (InnerSource.net)
  • Sacred Energetic Centers with Anodea Judith – 2001-2002  (SacredCenters.com)


Personal Practices & Support 

  • ViniYoga  ViniYogaLife.com – daily since 1998
  • Soul Motion & Gestalt Awareness Practice - Zuza Engler (ZuzaEngler.com) - weekly starting 2004-ongoing
  • Network Spinal Analysis - Dr. Laura Polak D.C.  (CommunityHolisticHealth.com) – weekly starting 2005-ongoing
  • BodyTalk Access Practice (BodyTalk Access) – daily since 2009
  • Founding member of Temple of Agape Sangha (2x weekly Energetic Practices) - 2007-ongoing
  • Ancient Yogic Study & Practice in the Kashmiri Shaivism Tradition (DanielOdier.com)- 2007-ongoing
  • Kundalini Song, an Energetic Sound Practice KundaliniSong.com - 2015-ongiong
  • Began offering The Art of Hugging, A Practice in Presence – 2016

KimJoy's Evolution

  • Initial Awakening - 1993
  • Began receiving Energy Transmissions – 1998
  • Initial Kundalini Awakening – 12/2010
  • Living with Acceptance of What Is – 5/2019
  • Fully In Bodied - 3/2021