Balancing the Cortices of the Brain - The single most powerful technique in the BodyTalk System

For a video tutorial, visit Learn To Balance Your Cortices

bt_logo_colorShadowBodyTalk as a healthcare system holds that all illness is reflected in the brain and that by balancing the brain, any kind of disease can be addressed. Using our focus, our breath, and a simple tapping technique, the body can recognize what needs to be fixed and is capable of healing on all levels.

The cortices of the brain are where we do our thinking. The wrinkling of this neocortex allows for a huge surface area for neurons to work to modify our reptilian and limbic brains (which govern homeostasis, instinct, deep-seated emotions, and the subconscious). Balancing, or “tapping out” the cortices is a basic BodyTalk technique that can improve brain function and clarity, reduce stress, stimulate a sense of well-being, and address conditions like dyslexia and autism. This can be done daily, whether you feel sick or healthy, or whenever you feel a new understanding surfacing. Breathing deeply while balancing your cortices allows the body to scan all frequencies and update the brain and heart with new information.

Use one hand to hold and the other to tap. For the holding hand, there are five positions: the upper neck/base of the skull, the back of the head/crown, the top of the head above the hairline, the forehead, and the sides of the head above the ears. For this last position near the ears, put the palm of your hand near the temples and the fingers toward the back of the head, and do it only on one side of the head but with your focus on both sides.
For each of these positions, the tapping hand will tap for one deep breath cycle (in/out) on the head and for one deep breath cycle on the sternum over the heart. Tapping should be very light and while on the head, the fingers should be spread so that they extend to both the right and left sides of the skull. If the holding hand is in the way of the tapping hand, simply tap over your holding hand. Your focus with the tapping should be on the brain as if to wake it up, and on the heart, as if to store the memory of better communication.