How BodyTalk Works

When an illness, injury, or trauma is too severe, the lines of communication in our bodies get jammed as a result. The BodyTalk system taps into our inner wisdom to find out where the problem is and which lines need to be re-linked – helping our bodies heal themselves, quickly, efficiently, and completely. Here’s how a typical session might go:

> Phase One: Gaining Permission. After checking in with you, the practitioner will begin the session by having you lie face up, fully clothed, on a massage table with your arms at your sides. The practitioner is beside you and asks your four centers of awareness – your physical body, your conscious mind, your unconscious mind, and your higher, spiritual self – for permission to treat you. Each awareness center is given the opportunity to withhold permission. Responses are gauged through muscle testing. The BodyTalk system maximizes accuracy by isolating the test to a small but strong muscle in your arm.

> Phase Two: Locating the Problem. Once permission has been secured, the practitioner locates the energy circuits in the body that need balancing by asking the body yes/no questions: “Are organs a priority? (YES) “Lungs?” (NO) “Liver?” (YES)…. And so forth. Once again, the body’s answers are determined through muscle testing, the practitioner follows the flow of answers until the precise location of the problems(s) has been mapped out. This is repeated until all the links for reestablishment have been discovered.

> Phase Three: Reestablishing the Linkages. Next, the practitioner usually places the patient’s hand over the link area(s). Usually, for each linkage requested, the patient’s hand remains on the problem area while the practitioner touches the proper reflex point on the body that will link the system. The practitioner then lightly taps the patient’s head and heart, as described below.

> Phase Four: Tapping and Breathing. Tapping the client is done lightly on two areas of the body – on the top of the head, and on the sternum over the heart. Tapping the head alerts the brain to that particular linkage, and asks it to reactivate that line of communication. Tapping the heart alerts the heart to the repaired link, and asks it to make the link permanent. (In traditional Chinese Medicine, the heart is the central coordinator and energy organizer of the body). While the practitioner is tapping, the patient takes two cycles of deep, exaggerated breath to acknowledge the incorporate the corrections into the body’s awareness.

I find the BodyTalk System to be exciting because not only is it completely safe, but some people see dramatic results in as little as one session. It can be used as a stand-alone treatment, or to enhance the effectiveness of other therapies. In addition to its ability to affect physical, emotional, and spiritual healing, I particularly like the fact that this healing modality is respectful of the body’s wisdom. It reminds us, in essence, to listen. Our bodies will tell us what we need. They always have.