The BodyTalk Healing System             

bt_logo_colorShadowBodyTalk is based on the fact that every living thing is made of energy. When that energy is properly tuned and there are no blockages to its flow, then direct and efficient communication runs freely within your body – between one organ system and another, and between your body, mind and spirit. It’s only when all the lines of communication are fully open that everything can function together for optimal health.

BodyTalk is a means of tapping into the body’s communication system to assess whether any of the lines are down – which can hinder healing from an illness or an injury. Through BodyTalk, it’s possible to figure out which lines are down, and then help the body reestablish communication and begin to heal.

What is BodyTalk?

BodyTalk is noninvasive, simply, and effective – and there are no harmful side effects. Practitioners communicate with the body to locate the specific areas that need repair. This is done using neuromuscular biofeedback, or muscle testing, that allows the practitioner to have a dialogue with the innate wisdom of each individual’s body. Communication is reestablished between the various parts of the body by tapping specific points over the head and heart to recreate the healthy energetic linkages.

The main premise of BodyTalk is that the body can heal itself. With many healing techniques – both conventional and alternative – practitioners use their knowledge to try to figure out what’s wrong and fix it. But none of us will ever know the body as well as it knows itself. BodyTalk sees the body as being wise and brilliantly engineered, equipped with built-in analytic and therapeutic systems of its own. BodyTalk practitioners help channel this wisdom to promote optimal healing.

The Body’s Wisdom

The key to the BodyTalk system is order. Every cell within our bodies, every spark of emotion, every belief system, every one of our thought processes – all these things must be able to communicate together in an orderly fashion, so the body can coordinate the billions of bioelectrical, chemical, and energetic events that support life.

How BodyTalk Works

When an illness, injury, or trauma is severe, the lines of communication in our bodies get jammed as a result. The BodyTalk system taps into our inner wisdom to find out where the problem is and which lines need to be re-linked – helping our bodies heal themselves, quickly, efficiently, and completely.

What to Expect in a BodyTalk Session

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