Inspired Somatic Sessions

This work is ideal for individuals who know there is a more authentic life available.  If you are seeking clarity and/or deeper engagement with your body’s wisdom this is an excellent avenue for such exploration.  For when clarity is present, next steps and new awareness & understanding become available.

We are all works in progress and how glorious when our progress is leading to greater self-expression, more authentic relating and resourced choices!

These clothed, hands-on sessions give you an opportunity to explore an area of concern or question. There is opportunity to explore and unravel what is constraining you, holding you back or simply perplexing your progress in your life.

Once your intention is offered, we are guided, following your body’s cues, responses, and story.  Our active minds quiet and we listen. Allowing inner sight and the subtle voice of guidance to show us the way.  We bear witness and allow.

Every session we progress deeper, through the layers of your body’s stories, tension, defenses, and emotional holding.  Exploring, witnessing, and allowing we journey closer and closer to what is essential, unique and precious. Mining for your most authentic and free Self. Inviting and making space for who and what you are when the conditioning, defenses, strategies, and stories are recognized, befriended and new choices become available.

What becomes available when your nervous system relaxes?

How do you move in the world when you are in touch with your most resourced and sovereign self?

What choices do you make when your heart is open wide?

BodyTalk Session

BodyTalk is the best way to prepare for an Inspired Somatic Session.

BodyTalk  repair the disrupted communication pathways within your Emotional, Energetic & Physical Systems prepares you to move toward new possibilities