Working with KimJoy

I offer one-on-one and small group coaching programs that empower you to live your best life from the inside out.

My 1-1 coaching sessions allow for an individual deep dive into what matters most to you. Exploring personal habits and strategies and how you can best work with your Body/Mind dynamic utilizing embodied self-awareness practices.

These sessions have no particular time limit, we are together until we are complete, until the insight that most serves you is reached or the shift has been made.

This generally takes anywhere from 30 minutes to 2.5 hours (and the 30 min sessions aren't any less valuable). The value isn’t in the time spent, it is in the change the conversation brings into your life.

Group Coaching Series offer a deep grounding in embodied self-awareness practices and exploration as well as time for individual coaching which serves all present. These Groups have 4-8 participants for an eight session series with each session lasting 2 hours via Zoom.

The financial investment to work with me:

1-1 Sessions Series consisting of 12 weekly sessions, over 3 month, and email access in-between is $2100

To work with me in a Group Coaching Series with eight 2 hour sessions and a private Facebook group is $1000.

Discovery Session

I feel it is important for you to experience my work and experience what possibilities become available to you before we decide to work together. I also want to get to know you, to know whether we're a fit, and if we are, what kind of a coaching program is most suitable to you.

Given this, our next step is to meet in a coaching conversation, a discovery session.

This conversation isn’t a sample session, it is a full experience of my coaching where I go all out and serve you. I ask that you agree and understand that you won’t owe me anything for this conversation, it is my way of giving you an experience of what my coaching can do for you and helping us both to know if it is a fit.

If you are a YES to heeding the call to step into your life in a new way... let’s have a conversation.